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16 Tips and Tricks to Cook Dinner Faster

Just because you’re home all day doesn’t mean you want to spend it making supper.

25 +容易享受今晚的馅饼食谱下载万博体育app

鸡罐馅饼可能是最终的沮丧的食物,但还有更多的锅馅饼,而不是鸡肉和蔬菜。你可能会诱惑到烤箱中弹出冰箱馅饼,但没有必要。从玉米面包 - 顶部的辣椒壶馅饼到奶油蟹队,我们已经享受了充足的方式来享受这个经典菜肴。卷起袖子,鞭打其中一个容易的锅馅饼,准备好享用一道菜的晚餐。


When it comes to whipping up dinner on busy nights, your pantry is a true hero. Stocked right, your pantry has a wide enough variety of staples that can easily combine with whatever fresh or frozen ingredients are around for a quick, easy dinner that's full of flavor. Take some inspiration from our favorite meals that start with pantry staples, and get cooking.


Besides being easy to prepare (not to mention, easy on your grocery budget), Pantry Beans and Greens can be customized for countless hearty, healthy, wholly satisfying meals. In other words, plan to put this recipe on repeat for the rest of winter.


4 Prepared Grocery Store Buys That Will Make Dinner a Breeze

Even if you like to cook "from-scratch," there's no shame in tapping a smart supermarket shortcut here and there.

20+ Easy Enchilada食下载万博体育app谱

Enchiladas are a can't-lose dinner: They're not difficult to prepare, kids love them, and they're even more delicious the next day. With that in mind, make one of these easy enchiladas for dinner tonight, or prepare one for a fun, prep-ahead breakfast.


当然,总有例外 - 但典型的18岁的孩子并不是在厨房里的Wiz。学院是一个试验食物并作为厨师成长的时间。不要浪费在快餐,外卖和餐厅的珍贵年份。我们编制了30个食谱,这很容易,即使下载万博体育app是大学生也可以充满信心地解决它们。别担心:可以在微波炉中制作很多。